3D Solution Developer Mantis Vision Acquires the Israeli Artificial Inteligence Start-up “BrainVu”

3D Solution Developer Mantis Vision Acquires the Israeli Artificial Inteligence Start-up

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, September 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Mantis Vision, a leading provider of advanced 3D content capturing and sharing technology, today announced that it has completed  the acquisition of BrainVu Ltd, an Israeli based AI start-up.

Founded and headquartered in Israel, Mantis Vision offers advanced 3D content capture and sharing technologies for a wide array of applications, including 3D cameras for smartphones, AR/VR devices, professional scanning cameras and live 3D volumetric studios. Mantis Vision operates in Israel, U.S., Slovak Republic and the People’s Republic of China.

Mantis Vision’s current patented Structured Light smart decoding technology offers significant advantages over other approaches, with higher accuracy and resolution, less noise, high resilience to motion artifacts and flexibility enabling Mantis Vision to build quality 3D sensing devices and content at the best price / performance in the market. Recently Mantis Vision announced the integration by Xioami of Mantis Vision technology for their flagship Mi8 mobile, the first 3D camera module for Android.


BrainVu emerged in the Technion labs, The Israeli Institute of Technology. BrainVu has the technology to identify  physiological biomarkers through advance machine vision capabilities  and to extract human emotion responses  in real time using smartphone/AR/VR/MR cameras. Using physiological bio-markers that indicate changes in brain activities, BrainVu technolgy aims to deduce the mental state of a person.

Mantis Vision’s motivation for BrainVu’s acquisition lies in the company’s ability to recognize emotions through the camera’s eye, which in combination with the MantisVision 3D camera will allow for even more accurate results. Mantis Vision is joining the “Emotion Economy” focused on sensing and analyzing consumers’ mental states and enabling personalization and enhancement of 3D volumetric content, while understanding “moments of receptivity” to create better MR 3D immersive experiences.

According to Gur Arie Bitan, Founder and CEO of Mantis Vision: “Combining BrainVu’s AI human-machine emotional software with Mantis Vision 3D volumetric content technology will accelerate our outreach to the market by creating content to build “magical” new experiences for smart devices. BrainVu’s acquisition will reinforce Mantis Vision IP patented portfolio. We are honored and thrilled to join forces with BrainVu’s talented team and expose these capabilities as part of our 3D content creation tools. The company will continue operating as BrainVu, a Mantis Vision Company.”

Prof. Miriam Reiner, BrainVus Co-founder and Chief Scientist said, “The ground-breaking research conducted at the VR and Neurocognition Lab in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, led to the discovery of a spectrum of unique physiological bio markers in eye dynamics, to identify changes in brain processes indicating states such as alertness, attention, stress and mental effort. This research served as the basis for the creation of the company”.

BrainVu’s Co-founder and CEO  Mr Shay Hilel adds, “We are excited to join such an innovative company, leveraging their leading market position in 3D Content creation and computer vision will enable us to accelerate the exposure and adaption of our Human-Machine Emotional Synergy technology beyond our existing customers. We want to thank our investors led by Nielsen Innovate for supporting and believing in the team’s ability to turn academic research into innovative product and bring it to the market”. 

About Mantis Vision 

Mantis Vision brings high definition 3D content to everyday experiences.  Mantis Vision empowers consumers, application developers and industry professionals to instantly capture and share high-quality 3D volumetric content.  From 3D cameras on mobile devices to professional 3D scanners to live 3D volumetric studios, Mantis Vision technology easily transforms objects, places and live people into high-resolution 3D digital content in real-time.

About BrainVu 

Founded in 2016  BrainVu has developed a groundbreaking emotional AI powered platform  based on patents and know-how developed in the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Using non-invasive and remote smartphone/AR/VR camera BrainVu extracts  physiological bio-markers that indicate changes in brain activities to deduce human mental states. The calculated human states are then correlated to events and used to connect to a multitude of platforms to enhance and evolve human machine emotional synergy.

Press Contact:

Aviram Sisso: Mantis Vision PR Account Manager


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